Pivot Illustration

DW Pivot Illustration 5x7

This watercolor of Pivot Ministries is designed to reflect a spiritual garden in the belly of the beast. This very special place has been a foundation for the development of discipline, spiritual nurturing and renewal for thousands of self-destructive souls. For most, their lives have been turned around and now they deliver the hope of renewal to others.

The image reflects despair and promise. The setting surrounding Pivot and the Re-entry house reflect life’s difficulties. In the center, two Pivot brothers are gently escorting a new student into his new home.

All he owns is in that blue hockey bag. Relationships, assets, employment and hope are all gone. He’s broken, depressed and doesn’t realize all the good things he’s lost and new growth to be found right here…right in front of him…right now. All he has to do is reach for it.

The Intervention Center shines with celestial gifts starting with their history of inspirational leaders. Our Pivot Spiritual Leader stands with an outstretched arm to welcome a new member of the family with the other hand on the bible and his face toward heaven whispering…”God. Help us give this guy the strength to fix himself.”

The Intervention Center shines with the energy of change going on inside. Students and counselors on the balconies are always in twos reinforcing each other during their passage. One student on the top balcony raises his arms in joy with the possibility that a new lost soul could be found.

The Re entry House shows the dress and demeanor of those who were once lost and now found. Neckties and sport coats are the uniform of the day. These are more leadership examples of how to manage through crisis and give back. The more they give, the more they get. They own little but have everything. This is not lost on those struggling next door.

Most important is the white “halo” of sidewalk that surrounds Pivot. God’s work is being done here. There is a celestial glow of Holy Spirit that surrounds and protects these buildings that change men’s lives forever.