Our Program

Pivot-Logo-52 Corinthians 5:17

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away behold; the new has come.



Accepting Christ ~  Learning Discipleship Building Communities ~ Serving Others


Pivot is a 16-month long men’s residential treatment ministry for recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. We provide a safe and nurturing environment to apply the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. Graduates who have obtained long-term sobriety run our Bible-based program. They are supplemented by visiting pastors, licensed counselors, educators and 12 step volunteers.

Pivot’s program begins by addressing the sufferer’s immediate needs and culminates with long-term stability. The man seeking treatment must be at the “point of awareness” that his self-efforts have not and will not be sufficient for successful long-term liberation from active addictive behaviors and consequences. We know our program succeeds best for those who want it, not simply for those who need it.  Although we encourage and address physical and emotional recovery, the core of Pivot’s programming is treatment of addiction as a spiritual problem.

Phase I – 1 to 3 Months

Stabilization is the focus. We evaluate and address physical and mental issues at the Intervention Center in Bridgeport. Students facing negative legal and family problems incurred as a result of their addictions are offered assistance in resolving these issues.  We provide nutritional guidance and well-balanced meals.  Group Bible study begins focusing on engagement and humility to offset the depression and guilt that naturally occur in early recovery.

Phase II – 4 to 6 month

Personal development is the focus.  Students move to our house in Norwalk forming a smaller group of men, all at least 3 months sober.  They have the opportunity to work on interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, self-perception issues and social skills. We also provide Graduate Equivalency Degree courses and certification. Through acceptance, discipline and structure, men gain the emotional and spiritual confidence to meet the challenges of life without depending on drugs and/or alcohol.

Phase III – 6-16 Months

Practical application of teachings to maintain long-term stability is the focus. The men are introduced to Advanced Bible study and vocational training at Teen Challenge’s Rehrersburg, Pa. Training Center. The rural setting removes external distractions while the men take more personal responsibly for their studies. They learn employment skills on the job such as horticulture, car repair, computer skills and construction at businesses located in the area. The training center’s large and diverse population introduces the student to a fellowship of like-minded, sober Christian men.

Phase IV – Post Graduation

Re-entry into society is the focus. Pivot graduates move to the Alonso Smalls Re-Entry House at 485 Jane Street in Bridgeport where they have the opportunity to:

·     Give back to Pivot as staff members

·     Find jobs, working toward permanent private housing

·     Study for a degree



The Pivot Community Development Corporation (CDC) was founded in 2012 to provide job training and employment to graduates of the program. Volunteers having business and management experience work with the men to create and manage small businesses staffed by Pivot graduates.