Accepting Christ


As a Christ-centered, bible-based ministry for men, Pivot's mission is to treat drug and alcohol addiction as a spiritual problem, and to return the men to their families usefully whole.


Statement of need:

Our inner cities and our sub-urban and rural areas are confronted with serious challenges like crime, addiction, domestic violence, poverty, homelessness and racism.  On a broader level, in recent decades our culture has seen a trend toward instant gratification, no sense of mutual sacrifice, poor diet, drug and alcohol abuse and depression.

On some level, these symptoms are a manifestation of spiritual dis-ease.  The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) calls safe housing for its consumers “severely limited in all regions and communities across the state” and “the greatest barrier to treatment and ongoing recovery from mental illness” in most Connecticut regions. Pivot Ministries provides a solution to the systemic weakness caused by this housing shortage. DMHAS says that “supportive and transitional housing” has “the greatest potential to move persons into recovery.”